Saturday, December 18, 2010

WikiLeaks: US tapped Delhi Police officers

New Delhi: WikiLeaks, the whistleblower website, has thrown up more embarrassing details claiming that US Embassy officials befriended Delhi Police officers to gain intelligence inputs.

According to a diplomatic cable sent from the US Embassy in New Delhi in April 2006, American embassy officials had tapped an anti-terror Special Cell official of Delhi Police to gather information regarding investigations into terrorism related cases, bypassing the official route.

Government sources say Union Home Ministry will examine the matter. They, however, maintain that national security was not compromised or information leaked and add that they not know how authentic the information really is.

Sources also say that it is for the Delhi Police Commissioner to take stock of situation. They claim that the practice adopted by US officials is a standard one for most counties to gather information officially and unofficially.

But Delhi Police officials have been asked to be more careful and exercise caution.

Reacting to the WikiLeaks expose US State Department spokesman PJ Crowley says that American diplomats are just doing their jobs.

"Our diplomats do what diplomats do, and what we do in a country like India is no different than what Indian diplomats do in our country. We are building a strategic partnership with India. We have significant engagement on a variety of issues with both India the government and the people," he says.

by IBN Live

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