Saturday, December 11, 2010

WikiLeaks defector to launch rival

A FORMER WikiLeaks staffer will launch a rival anonymous-leak site called OpenLeaks within weeks.

German-born Daniel Domscheit-Berg defected from WikiLeaks in September after growing increasingly critical of the WikiLeaks approach to handling sensitive information.

Like WikiLeaks, Mr Domscheit-Berg told Forbes, OpenLeaks will allow leakers to anonymously submit information to a secure online inbox.

However, the new site will not publish the information itself, as WikiLeaks did.

Instead, OpenLeaks will let the sources pick the media or non-governmental organisation he or she wants the information sent to, where the documents can be fact-checked and possibly redacted before publication.

The difference, Mr Domscheit-Berg said, will allow OpenLeaks to avoid the intense political and legal problems WikiLeaks has faced.

"We won't publish any documents ourselves," Mr Domscheit-Berg said.

"We want to be a neutral conduit...that's what's most politically sustainable as well."

OpenLeaks currently has agreements to work with five newspapers worldwide, but Mr Domscheit-Berg said he would like to soon offer partnerships to anyone who wants to participate.

Mr Domscheit-Berg left WikiLeaks after a dispute with Mr Assange over the site's focus on infrequent, high volume leaks.

He has written a book, tentatively titled "Inside WikiLeaks," due out in January.

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