Saturday, December 11, 2010

OpenLeaks sets to Launch as New WikiLeaks Rival, a news website, reported that new OpenLeaks site was founded by several figures who in the past worked at WikiLeaks. Due to some issue, they decided to resign after they heed a protest against its founder, Julian Assange.

Similar to Wikileaks, the new site is going to focus on leaking sensitive and top secret documents from organizations, corporations, religious groups to the public, and government.

A person who declined to give his identity told about their long-term goal, which is to focus on building a strong and a transparent platform, which can help and support whistleblowers that came from politics and technology side, and at the same time, they wanted to encourage others to do similar projects.

The source also said their short-term goal, it stated that as the short-term goal of the site, is all about the completion of the technical infrastructure that will ensure that the organization has been continued to be democratically governed by all of its staffs and members, instead of being limited to one group or individual.

Moreover, it also stressed that they will give access to other organizations to most of the documents that OpenLeaks may acquire, which help them to be responsible for publishing that information.

Their intent in the creation of OpenLeaks is to become a neutral platform for everyone, without a political agenda except from distribution of information to the media, non-profit organizations, trade and unions, the public and other participating groups.

The unnamed source said that all of the editorial control and responsibility lies with the publishing organization.

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