Saturday, December 11, 2010

Swan questions accuracy of BHP WikiLeak

ACTING Prime Minister Wayne Swan has questioned the accuracy of the latest WikiLeaks revelations about the collapse of a deal last year between mining giant Rio Tinto and the Chinese government-owned company Chinalco.
The Fairfax press has reported that Rio Tinto's rival BHP Billiton actively lobbied to wreck the deal which would have seen Chinalco increase its stake in Rio Tinto to 18 per cent.
After the deal broke down Rio Tinto entered into a joint venture with BHP Billiton combining their mining projects in Western Australia.

"Just because there is reportage of conversations and they are contained in cables, doesn't necessarily mean those cables are accurate, well grounded or in context," Mr Swan told reporters in Brisbane.
"People shouldn't assume that the information is accurate, well grounded, or that it is taken in context."
Mr Swan said the proposed deal did not come before the government at the time.

"Because it was a commercial matter it wasn't a matter that ultimately came to government for decision.
"Had it proceeded and come before the federal government ... I would apply our national interest guidelines and I would have taken a decision in the national interest."

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