Saturday, December 11, 2010

Freak tree accident story beats Oprah, WikiLeaks

YOU would think that the most popular story on this week would be about either WikiLeaks or Oprah's tour Down Under.

But, as we discovered with this week's leaked diplomatic cable scandals, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
The number one story for the week is: Man killed in freak gardening accident.

This story outranked all stories about Oprah, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and the leaked diplomatic cables on Australian politics.
Oprah stories dominated the top 10, while Julian Assange's arrest just missed out - more readers were interested in a story detailing how WikiLeaks is the site that just won't die.

Here are the top 10 stories readers clicked on this week:

1. Man killed in freak gardening accident
A DARWIN man has been killed while lopping a palm tree in his garden. The 50-year-old man, whose name has not been released, died when the large foxtail palm came crashing down, striking him in the face.

2. Rules revealed for Oprah's Australian audience
OPRAH Winfrey has some rules. Chief among them is - don’t bring fire. It’s an unusual request for what is essentially a daytime TV taping, but the talk show queen's company, Harpo Productions, is taking no chances.

3. Jetstar asks family to prove baby death
JETSTAR has promised to review its policies after telling a family it would have to pay a $600 penalty fee to fly earlier when their baby died.

4. Man stabbed in groin during sex act
A SWEDISH couple's attempt to make things more interesting in the bedroom ended with a man stabbed in the thigh and his girlfriend in police custody.

5. Oprah's Aussie test too obscure, even for Aussies
OPRAH wants her fans to test their Australian knowledge. But the problem is, her quiz questions are so obscure they're leaving Aussies stumped.

6. WikiLeaks: The site that just won't die
WHAT have we learned from WikiLeaks? Among other things, that it's really bloody hard to kill a website. Maybe even impossible. After a concerted, multinational effort to shut the websites down, there are now more than 500 websites around the world – called "mirrors" – containing the secret US diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks.

7. Taxpayers kept in dark over Oprah plans
AS the Oprah Winfrey show rolls into Melbourne, Australians have been told details of the taxpayer-financed tour are none of their business.

8. Oprah show asks store to remove golliwog
A MELBOURNE doll shop has withdrawn a golliwog from its display to avoid offending the Oprah Winfrey roadshow. The store removed the "Mamee" washer woman dolls after a visit by Oprah's production company.

9. What Oprah should do Down Under – but won't 
OPRAH'S tour schedule manages to take in so many cliched and predictable sites, they're verging on the yawn-worthy. But she's going to be missing out on countless things she could do to experience Aussie culture. Here's a list of twenty things the talk show queen should do, but know she won't. Go on Oprah, you're in O-stralia now. We double dare you.

10. Rudd responds to leaked cable on 'paranoid' China
FOREIGN Minister Kevin Rudd has addressed the media in the wake of a leaked diplomatic cable, but has refused to comment on the "content or accuracy" of the document.

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